TW1N is the first-Europe wide dual career consultancy for athletes, institutions and EU projects.

Dual Career refers to the alliance of high-performance sport with education or work to allow an athlete to realize their full potential in life. In this respect, investing in personal and vocational development means more to athletes than just a safety net for the future. Years of working with sportsmen and sportswomen have taught us that the tailored exploration of a meaningful life alongside sport is a supreme factor in well-being and, thus, athletic development. In short: Happy people are better athletes. Help building this link is the mission of TW1N; in favour of the athlete, in favour of the sport system, and, in favour of the international community.

Deeply believing in the societal effects of successful dual careers, TW1N strives to fuel systemic developments across Europe. Our multi-directional services empower a wide range of key actors: First, we provide athletes with an individualized counselling service and a worldwide partner network to make successful dual careers possible across borders. Second, we deliver customized consulting services to institutions and policy-makers in sport, education and the labour market to facilitate programme implementation and development. Third, we team up with EU projects dedicated to sport, education or youth to help make a significant difference to athletes and society.


Get to know our services

Get to know our services

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The European heart of TW1N beats in Austria. Rooting in leading practice, fueled by applied research and directed by athlete culture, our approach makes use of a long-established global network of dual career experts and organisations.


Founder & CEO

Wolfgang Stockinger Founder & CEO TW1N

In his professional life, Wolfgang has impacted the personal pathways of hundreds of European athletes. Moreover, he has provided advisory services to international policy-makers, sport systems, educational institutes and EU-funded projects.

The management consultant, psychological counsellor, academic sport coach and former professional football player holds a number of international positions in the world of sport and education (see CV).

Founder & CEO ▸ TW1N (since 2019)

Expert on Elite Sport and Education ▸ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (since 2019)

European Scientific Specialist on Dual Career ▸ European Handball Federation (since 2018)

Academic Lecturer on European Sport Policy and Sport Organization ▸ University of Salzburg (since 2016)

Head of Dual Career Development Austria ▸ KADA (2013-2018)

Member of the EU Expert Group on Human Resources Development in Sport ▸ European Commission (2014-2017)

Expert network

Expert network

The strategic inclusion of specialized associates ensures a customized service matching the exact demands of our clients.


Dennis is the Manager of the Topsport Academy Amsterdam and steering group member of the Dutch national dual career network for universities (FLOT). The former professional canoeist is a policy expert on school and higher education level.


Ruan is the Managing Director of Sportsthink 360 and National Player Development Manager for the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA). The cosmopolitan is a leading African expert for talented athlete support and personal development of athletes.


Stephanie is the Founder & CEO of Salzburg Lernt, an Austrian learning institute for children and young adults. The multi-linguist is an experienced expert in educational support of aspiring athletes.


Philipp is the Head of the Communication Department at the SLZB, Germany’s biggest sport school. The global networker is the co-initiator of the European Network of Sport School (ENOSS).