The funding scheme of Erasmus+ represents a unique opportunity to the field of sport. TW1N has longtime experience in leading, partnering, advising or evaluating Erasmus+ projects. For the upcoming call of proposals, we are interested in becoming a partner institution in Sport Collaborative Partnerships.

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe which is about to enter its second funding period. Regulation details for 2021-2027 are expected to be published in January 2021.

The offer of TW1N to European projects spans a set of services (find more information here). Consequently, our current involvement in Erasmus+ projects is manifold. Together with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we co-lead STARTING 11 – The European Dual Career Toolkit. Furthermore, TW1N is the consulting partner of AtLAS – Athletes as Entrepreneurs. Finally, TW1N serves as the external evaluator of AMiD – Athletic Migration in Dual Career.

Regarding the upcoming Erasmus+ Sport call for proposals (anticipated deadline: early April 2021), we are open to new collaboration options. Institutions that plan to apply and are interested to discuss a potential participation of TW1N, please get in touch with us via